Rustl3rs Custom Smart LED Light

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Those drivers could run fourteen leds but just went with twelve. This means that i could add 12 leds to mine with no extra drivers. Not that i will do that now but if my tank gets bigger (honey i swear the tank has been growing from day one you just havent noticed until now) i can add 12 without a driver. Cool. When reading these things, Start from Left to right.

Rustl3rs Custom Smart LED Light
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You can see that on the far left this whole device is powered from a 120VAC plug. From there a bunch of devices attach to that source: the 12V wall wart, the 2 timers, and the two power supplies that power the LED`s. Lets move on to whats powered by the 12V 500mA supply. The 12V supply powers the Operational Amplifiers at all times (the triangle things). the 12V is also run through the relays of the modified timers I`m using. After this point the 12 power is switched on or off by what I set in the timer settings. Lets assume the timers are on right now and only focus on what is going on when Timer 1 is on. When timer 1 is on, the 3" fan is now running. This will ventilate the light system and keep it cool. Also, when the switch is in "Regular Mode. " A capacitor starts charging up at a slow rate. The opamp (triangle) reads this voltage and amplifies it to achieve the proper 0-10V range needed by the ELN-60-48D power supply. After 45 minutes, the capictor is fully charged and the ELN output is at 100% when the potentiometer (variable resistor: 5Kpot) is turned all the way up. If this is turned back a bit, the max votage the ELN sees is reduced. This allows me to manually dim while still having a sunrise/sunset. Another thing. this circuit has three switch settings. Regular: with sunrise and sunset, Off, and Overide: this overrides the sunrise sunset for an instant on, good for times when you need the lights on ASAP. Feel...

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