Precise Camera Panning with Stepper Motors

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The prototype circuit board used an external LCD display that received commands via an RS-232 interface. Although it worked well programming it was cumbersome. For this reason the circuit board was revised so that it would support a directly attached LCD display. This view of the back of the board shows the LCD connector more clearly. It also show

Precise Camera Panning with Stepper Motors
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

s the amount of rewiring that was necessary to repurpose the circuit board which was designed for another project. The plug in the lower right goes to the 6 pin stepper motor cable. The USB plug at the left goes to the Canon camera`s USB connection via the connecting cable that came with the camera. Pressing 1 on the TV remote starts shooting, 2 allows you to adjust the position of the camera and 3 lets you change variable values. Note the that variables are shown in line 4: d=Degrees, s=Steps, p=Pause before / after shot and c=0 for clockwise and c=1 for counterclockwise. The setting screen allows you to change the variables in the program. Pressing 1 allows you to enter a 4 digit number of degrees X 10. That means to enter 0450 for 45 degrees or 0225 for 22. 5 degrees. The Shoot delay is the pause time before and after a shot is taken. It allows any motion of the tripod to settle and also allows for time exposures. It is a 2 digit number in seconds. If you enter 10 the system will pause for 1/2 of the time (5 seconds) before shooting and an additional 5 seconds after shooting. `9-12-2008 version 3-5 - WORKS `on green speedo board with H-bridge `works properly with 6 wire stepper (old hard drive ) `working well with Hurst motor - 3600 steps per revolution rather than ` advertised 14400 - four steps per pulse, I would guess ` needs pause in "step 1" routine to develop proper torque INCLUDE "modedefs. bas" cmcon=7 `allows...

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