Radio Control a two wheel robot from your PC

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Well, it took some time and a few failed attempt, but here it is. A neat project that lets you control two wheels or tracks from your PC serial port with no wires attached. I have it working at 2400 baud and that is about as fast as I can think. We assume you have a PC, so what else do you need First a Basic Stamp. I am using the Stamp I, but a B

Radio Control a two wheel robot from your PC
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asic Stamp II would be much better for later expansion. Next you need a transmitter and receiver. The best deal (and they work too) are ones made by Ming available from Circuit Specialist. The next piece of magic is from Acroname (built by TI). This H bridge chip takes care of two motors. I have mine running up to three amps by stacking them and adding cooling wings to the ground pins. Now we add a couple of 7805 regulators, a 74HC14 inverter, a resistor and a couple of capacitors and that`s all we need. Well, we need wire, a fuse, batteries and of course a two wheeled platform, but that`s another issue. You may want to add a power on light and a speaker but for now they are optional. The Basic stamp is our brains. Pin 0 is our serin connection. I used pin 1 to drive a little speaker as explained in the PBASIC sound command. This is nice for troubleshooting the design. Pins 2-5 control our motors. Six and seven are left for other functions, like a bump sensor or a IR sensor, etc. The SN754410 is a great little chip. I just soldered them on top of each other until I had enough to handle 3 amps. The heat from this chip is transferred out through the 4 ground connections in the middle. I just cut out a piece of sheet metal and soldered it to both sides between the ground pins like vertical wings. Holding both motors stopped they get warm. Motor power goes to pin number 8. I am using a 3 amp fuse, should keep things in range....

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