Rock Paper Scissors Playing Glove

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is a glove that plays a very competitive game of Rock Paper Scissors against the wearer. It learns how they wearer plays and plays to their weaknesses. Why I`m nottotallysure. Chasing down the source of inspiration is often impossible, but sometimes a theme can be teased out. In this case my theme is that I love it when computers can interac

Rock Paper Scissors Playing Glove
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t with us on our own terms. Keyboards and mice were made so machines could watch what we do. But we have to learn how to use keyboards and mice (and telephones ) so the machines can understand us. But the mouse was invented almost 50 years ago and the keyboard almost 300 years ago. Technology has advanced a lot in that time, and so should our interfaces. We shouldn`t have to learn how to use technology. So here is a glove that can play Rock Paper Scissors (aka JonKenPon, aka rochambeau ) against a person and the person doesn`t have to learn a thing. Just put the glove on and play and the glove will play against you. I took it out in public a few times and people responded amazingly well to it, playing it the first time with little or no instruction. The only problem was that a few people didn`t want to treat it naturally and tried to play with more deliberateness than they would if playing against a person. It remembers how you play so that if you always open with Rock it will tend to open with Paper. And if you tend throw a Paper after a Rock it will counter it with Scissors. The glove`s current record for best-of-five matches against me is 71 wins and 62 losses. All of these things could have been done with a complex vision system, high speed camera or two, and a full computer processing the information in real-time. But that would be less than ideal for what we`re after. It would be expensive and very complex, and still...

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