SMD FM Transmitter

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Let`s construct a low-power FM transmitter using surface-mount devices (SMD) that will be received with a standard FM radio. Soldering surface mounted devices is not so hard and actually is quite easy. There are many designs for small FM transmitters but they have some problems. First, you need an audio amplifier to get enough modulation. Second,

 SMD FM Transmitter
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the antenna is attached directly to the collector. Third, the coil L must be wound by hand and adjusted by stretching. It all ads with a weak signal that tends to drift in frequency. In contrastm the transmitter schematic we present here eliminates some of those problems, using varactor diode for tuning and modulation, givind great sensitivity without an audio amplifier. The figure below shows the schematic of the transmitter which consists of two stages: an oscillator and an output amplifier. Modulation is from an electret microphone but you can use a low power audio source. Transistor Q1 is a Colpitts oscillator where the frequency is determined by the parallel resonant circuit formed by inductor L, varactor V1 and capacitors C7 and C8. Q1 is a common-collector amplifier where the power gain counts. V1 is actually a dual varactor that eliminate the possibility of forward conduction at the sinewave peaks. The frequency of oscillation is set by adjusting the DC voltage on V1 with potentiometer R2. R4 and C3 form a low-pass filter to prevent RF from feeding back onto the DC. Capacitors C7 and C8 form an AC voltage divider to provide feedback at the emitter of Q1 to sustain oscillation. A necessary condition for oscillation to start is for the radio (C7+C8)/C7 to be sufficiently bigger than 1. Modulation is done by superimposing an audio signal from the electret mic onto the DC bias applied to V1. R3 and C1 form a low-pass...

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