Schematic of the endoelectronics Biotechnology

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

To generate and maintain the EP, perilymphatic K+ enters fibrocytes (F) via Na+/K+-ATPase and Na-K-Cl cotransporter. Gap junction networks connect fibrocytes to strial basal (SB) and intermediate (SI) cells, allowing ions to enter the intrastrial space via KCNJ10 channels. Strial marginal (SM) cells uptake K+ against a substantial concentration gradient and release K+ into endolymph.

Schematic of the endoelectronics Biotechnology
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K+ returns to perilymph either by entering hair cells (HC) apically during mechanoelectrical transduction of sound and exiting basolaterally via KCNQ4 channels, or via leakage current through the surrounding tissues (solid red lines represent tight-junction networks). With energy from the EP, a boost converter was used to trickle-charge capacitor Csupply, which supplies power to an integrated wireless transmitter. Switch S1 in the converter was used to temporarily store energy in the inductor (L), and switch S2 was used to transfer the stored energy onto Csupply at the higher required voltage. Once Csupply had stored sufficient energy, the transmitter entered its active mode and wirelessly transmitted a packet to a nearby receiver, after which it returned to a low-leakage standby mode and the boost converter began to replenish Csupply. A start-up rectifier was used with an external wireless power source to initialize the system. Program in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology, Harvard/Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. A. P. C. and K. M. S. conceived the project. P. P. M. , A. C. L. , S. B. , A. P. C. and K. M. S. designed experiments. P. P. M. , A. C. L. and S. B. performed the experiments. P. P. M. and S. B. designed and implemented the electronic chip. A. C. L. performed the EP measurements.

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