Simple Indicator for Dynamic Limiter Schematic Diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The indicator described here is specifically designed for adjusting the dynamic limiter described elsewhere in this edition and checking whether the maximum level of the reference voltage (P1) needs to be modified. Her e we use a 4 -to -16 decoder IC (type 4514) to monitor the state of the four-bit up/down counter in the limiter circuit. This IC c

Simple Indicator for Dynamic Limiter Schematic Diagram
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an be powered from the ±8 V supply voltages of the limiter. The limiter board has a 6-way connector (K5) that provides access to the four counter outputs and the sup-ply voltages. Connector K1 of the indicator circuit can be connected to K5 on the limiter board. One output of the 4514 goes high for each unique 4-bit combination on its inputs, while the other outputs remain logic Low. A separate current-limiting resistor is connected in series with each LED. It was not possible to use a common cathode resistor here because most LEDs have a maximum reverse blocking voltage of only 5 V, while the supply voltage here (16 V) is a good deal higher. The 16 LEDs ar ranged in a r ow pr ov ide a fluid` indication of the control process. You can enhance the display by using different colours for the first and last LEDs, such as red for D1 (maximum gain) and green for D16 (minimum gain), with yellow for the rest of the LEDs. While observing signals from various sources (TV set, DVD, media player, etc. ), you can easily use the 16 LEDS to monitor the behaviour of the limiter and adjust the setting of potentiometer P1 in the limiter circuit. It must be set such that D16 only lights up at the maximum signal level. If this is not possible and D16 remains lit a good deal of the time regardless of the position of P1, it will be necessar y to increase the value of P1. Of course, it is also poss-ible to adjust P1 so the strongest signal source...

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