Scheme research and design of the ultrasonic range measurement system

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

In the daily life and production, a lot of occasions such as car roll back, robot avoid hindering, industrial well logging, liquid level measurement of the reservoir etc. to need to carry on the range finding of non-contact automatically. Supersonic wave refers to the frequency the machinery produced in the elastic medium greater than 20 kHz shakes the wave, it have the intersection of

Scheme research and design of the ultrasonic range measurement system
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directivity and strong, energy dissipation slowly the intersection of propagation length and characteristic such as being relatively far, often used for the range finding of non-contact. Because supersonic wave is insensitive to light, color and electromagnetic field, there is better adaptive capacity on environment in ultrasonic range finding, in addition ultrasonic measurement when real, precision, but also price can trade off well. For this reason, try to regard one-chip computer AT89S52 as the core in the article, utilize a pair of 40 kHz piezo-electric ultrasonic transducers to design a section of minor volume, cheap, precision great, having temperature compensation, real-time LCD revealing and warning ultrasonic ranger. The ultrasonic static divides two kinds into machinery way and electricity way, it is actually a kind of changer, convert acoustic energy, on the contrary receiving end to electric energy or mechanical energy in the intersection of transmitting terminal and it. Design the ultrasonic static to adopt the piezoelectric type ultrasonic transducer in the electric way this time, it makes use of crystalline syntony of piezoelectricity to work. It has two piezo-electric crystal plates and a sound board. When its extra pulse signal of the two poles, its frequency means the inherent oscillating frequency of the piezo-electric crystal plate, the resonance will take place in the piezo-electric crystal plate, and...

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