Selfrunning Free Energy 5 KW Kapanadze 2

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Trying to estimate the pump input energy your circuit needs, let say your average voltage input (waveform D) is around 6V (12Vpp) and let say your average input current (waveform G) is around 1. 5 - 2mA (8mApp) so to maintain the loaded oscillations in L1-L2 tanks you need about 9-10mW input power (rough and rigorous estimation of course). This is what

Selfrunning Free Energy 5 KW Kapanadze 2
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roughly the xtal oscillator as its output power should produce instead of the Wavetek gen and the xtal oscillator is to be fed from the tank circuit of course. It was a very good idea to use xtal oscillator to get rid of the supply voltage dependent frequency stability of CMOS RC oscillators and reduce the self-consumption of the oscillator itself. Here I would refer to an also micropower xtal oscillator with bipolar transistor, maybe its idle current consumption is lower than that of the FET oscillator, this way convertion efficiency may improve, see this link: (the Gate Control Function with the CMOS buffer may be omitted of course and supply voltage can be towards the 5-10V range what the rectifier diodes give, instead of the suggested 3V. ) I understand the definite need for the 50% duty cycle the pump oscillator should produce, sorry for my suggestion on lower duty cycle, my thought was to reduce the ON time for the CMOS RC oscillator, to reduce its power consumption. Regarding the 5cm OD coils, it is ok but perhaps the coupling coil L3 could be made on a separate card board support of an OD=5. 1cm and you could adjust the coupling of L3 to L1 by sliding L3 over L1, maybe a more optimal position could be found, meaning less load on the tank. This variable coupling could not be made in case of ferrite pot cores, the solution in that case is to use a multitap coupling coil. The forward voltage loss of the diode bridge...

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