Serial Remote Control for the RIG RX-2 Receiver

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This page describes my modifications to the RIG RX-2 receiver which enable it to be controlled remotely from a computer, using an RS-232 serial interface. The modifications are in two parts: some simple additional hardware, and a new firmware program for the PIC16C84 microcontroller. In manual control mode, the modified receiver operates very much

Serial Remote Control for the RIG RX-2 Receiver
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as the original. When the RX-2 is switched on, it will emit a 1 second beep, during which all the display segments are turned (`lamp test`). This allows time for the signal detector circuit to settle. After the settling period, it will start scanning from channel 1, stopping only when it finds a signal. When a signal is found, the RX-2 emits a longer beep and stops scanning, until 15 seconds after the signal is lost. It then emits a short beep and re-starts scanning. A short button press at any time will jump to the next channel and stop scanning, accompanied by a very short beep. A longer press will re-start scanning, with a longer beep. At the same time, any characters which arrive at the serial port are checked for valid commands. There are two valid commands: `s` (or `S` - case is not important) and `F`. The `F` command, followed immediately by a channel number 0 to 9, will change to that channel, and stop scanning, if a scan was in progress. `S` will re-start scanning. No carriage return or line feed is required after the command. Any incomprehensible or extra characters are quietly ignored. In manual operation, the modified RX-2 uses the same 5 channels as the original. However, there are 5 additional channels available to the `F` command. The frequencies as supplied are shown below, but are very easily changed. The serial interface is designed to make the minimum demands on the computer driving it. It does not use...

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