Several questions and countermeasures in the high-pressure frequency converter is employed

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

At present, that utilize in the high-power, high frequency, narrow pulsing application is basically vacuum tubes, for instance: Secondary electron transmitting tube, discharge gap switch, trigatron, hydrogen brake pipe, etc. The main research direction is how to improve the switch speed of the vaccum device of electricity, reduce it to touch off an

Several questions and countermeasures in the high-pressure frequency converter is employed
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d rock, develop it with its high-pressure driving circuit of suitable high speed. But devices such as the vacuum tube, etc loss big, the driving circuit is huge and cooling shortcoming of trouble, etc. ; Meanwhile, in order to protect it fast when the klystron strikes sparks, need to set up complicated crow bar tube and flip flop in the modulator frequently, efficiency and reliability [1 ] of the direct influence modulator of these questions. In recent years, because voltage and power level of the semiconductor device are promoting constantly, correlation technique is complete progressively too, create conditions for solving the above-mentioned problem. Because of this technological development trend, this text has designed the fast pulse generator of a new kind of high pressure. Upper voltage, sharp pulse and high repeatability are the developing direction of the pulse power device. High frequency is an effective way of reducing the systematic volume. Originally design adopting igbt as main switching element, it is 5kv to output the peak-to-peak value of pulse voltage, the frequency is adjustable for 1khz- 10khz, the pulse front edge is 200ns. 1 Adjustable high-voltage D. C. generator: We use the intersection of mains frequency and alternating current as power, in the intersection of undervoltage and part commutate and inverter circuit produce the intersection of undervoltage and pulse, passages through which vital energy...

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