Simple Direct Conversion Receiver

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Low-cost CW superhet receiver with a 4. 00 MHz Intermediate frequency. There is no AGC or RF gain control, however this receiver has good large signal handling capability. This receiver uses just 6 bipolar transistors and an op amp for reasonable volume into headphones. Much of the ideas/design of the various stages must be credited to

Simple Direct Conversion Receiver
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Wes Hayward as I borrowed heavily from his previous work and through ideas obtained by discussion. If one were to homebrew the diode ring mixers, indeed this would be a very low cost receiver giving reasonable performance which outperforms any NE602 based superhet receivers that I have built or listened to. Below the main schematic is a diplexer diagram that allows the builder to choose from one of two RF and AF diplexers used to terminate the diode ring mixers. From the 50 ohm receiver antenna jack, first off is a double-tuned band pass filter which was designed by Rick Campbell, KK7B and works very well. The trimmer caps can be the 5 - 20 pF units sold by Digi-key and Mouser. The fixed-value caps in my prototype were inexpensive monolithic ceramic capacitors purchased from Digi-key. Rick used an NP0 ceramic for the 10 pF coupling cap plus silver-mica type for the 100 pF caps in his original design. For possible lower insertion loss, the probable best/cheapest way would be to use all NPO ceramics for the fixed value caps in this filter. The RF amp is my favorite popcorn RF amp ; a 50 ohm feedback amp. A grounded-gate JFET amp was tried in its place and was also found to be quite suitable and does not require the -6dB pi attenuator that follows the feedback amp as shown in the schematic. The feedback amp`s 50 ohm input impedance properly terminates the band pass filter. The -6 dB attenuator pad following the amp to helps...

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