Sine Signal Generating

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

It can change the frequency range, and the oscillating signal is adjusted by potentiometer RP1. Since the output resistance is very low ( 1K ©), it issuitable for various kinds of control circuit as a source. In the circuit, the transistor`s collector passesthrough R1, R2, C1, C2 to base to constitute feedback branch. Changing the device`s parameters is OK. (View) Burr-Brown 4302 multifunction converter

Sine Signal Generating
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and opamp generate hyperbolic sine transfer function with response matching ideal curve within 0. 7%. Technique permits setting powers and roots at fractional as well as integer values. Converter shown is set for exponent of 3. 2. Choice of amplifier gain and ref erence voltage scales response for given input and output signal levels. Article gives design equations. -J. Graeme, Sinh Generator Boasts 0. 7% Error, END Magazine, Aug. 5, 1978, p 70 and 72. (View) Opamp is used as tuned circuit driven by square wave from yoltage comparator Frequeny is controlled by R1-R3, C1, and C2, with R3 providing tuning. Comparator is fed with resulting sine wave to obtain square wave for feedback to input of tuned circuit, to cause oscillation. Zener stabifizes amplitude of square wave that is fed back. R6 and C5 provide DC negative feedback around com arator to ensure starting. Values of C1 and C2 are equal, and range from 0. 4 F for 18 80Hz to 0. 002 F for 4. 4-20 kHz. ``Easily Tuned Sine Wave Oscillator, ³National Semiconducotor, Santa Clara, CA, 1971, LB-16. (View) Uses National SK0003 sine/cosine look-up table kit consisting of four MOS ROMs and three output adders. Combination implements equation sin =sin M cos L + cos M sin L. Worst-case error is 1 5/8 bits in least significant bit. Cosine is approximated with loss in resolution of1/2 bit in 11-bit input or1/4 bit in 10-bit input. - Memory Databook, National Semiconductor, Santa...

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