Solid-State Tesla Coil 2

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Tesla built the world`s most powerful radio transmitter. Around the base of a 200-foot mast, he placed an air-core transformer that measured 75 feet in diameter. The primary consisted only of only a few turns of wire; the secondary was 10 feet in diameter and consisted of 100 turns of wire. Using the transformer, he generated on the order of 100-million volts.

Solid-State Tesla Coil 2
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From the 3-foot copper ball on the top of the mast, bolts as long as 100 feet leapt; Tesla had created the first man-made lightning. And with that "Tesla Coil" he was eventually able to a bank of 200 incandescent light bulbs from a distance of 26 miles. Unfortunately, Tesla`s ideas were considered nonsense by most of the reputable scientists of his time. Even today, he receives little recognition for his many important contributions to electronics and electricity. Chief among those, of course, is his development of the AC power-distribution system, which is still in use today. And, of course, there is the high-voltage generator he used for his Colorado Springs experiments. Scaled down versions of that Tesla coil are popular among experimenters and hobbyists. When treated with care, they can provide hours of fun. As mentioned previously, the primary winding is energized by a line transformer that delivers 5000-10. 000 volts AC. Such a transformer is potentially deadly and should be treated with utmost care. It would be more than prudent to house that transformer in an insulating plastic case to protect yourself and curious onlookers. Take a look at the schematic diagram of Fig. 1. Don`t let its simple appearance fool you. For the circuit to work, resonance has to be achieved and that is the catch. When dealing with high-frequency voltages (in the 200, 000-volt range) exact capacitance, voltage, and frequency measurements...

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