Some Voltage Regulator Ciruits for Microcontroller based Projects

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

a regulated and noise free power supply voltage for the microcntroller and other components like amplifiers, filters and GPS etc. , otherwise a voltage surge generated in the voltage being fed to the microcontroller and other components may permanently damage your embedded system. A voltage regulator should not let the voltage being delivered to the c

Some Voltage Regulator Ciruits for Microcontroller based Projects
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iruit drop down below the desired value in case if the amount of current being drawn by the ciruit increases. An appropriate voltage regulator circuit should keep the output volgate constant while delievring the current required by the ciruit to which voltage regulator supplying input voltage and current. This circuit generates 5Volt Out put voltage from input voltage renaging from 7V-40V. LM2576 iscapable of driving 3A load withexcellent line and load regulation. The schematic diagram of LM2576 based Voltage Regulator circuit is shown in the Figure 1 below. It is a monolithic integrated circuit. It is an adjustable 3-terminalpositive voltage regulator. It is designed to supply more than 1. 5Aof load current with an output voltage adjustable over a voltage ranging from1. 2V to 37V. It employs internal current limiting, thermalshut-down and safe area compensation. The schematic diagram of LM317 based voltage regulator is shown in figure 2. I have utilized this circuit to generate 3. 3V out put voltage from 12V input voltage for input power supply of Multimedia Card. You can adjust the output voltage by varying the variable resistor RV2 shown in Figure 2. LM7805 is a 3-Terminal 1A Positive Voltage Regulator. The schematic digaram LM7805 based coltage regulator circuit for generating 5V output voltage from 12V input voltgage is shown in Figure 3.

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