Spatial Distortion Reduction Headphone Amplifier

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The objective of Linkwitz` article was to reduce distorted spatial reproduction when listening to recorded stereo music with headphones-the `super stereo` effect where the music seems to be coming from inside one`s head. To remove the spatial distortion, Linkwitz reasoned that a small portion of a stereo channel`s signal should be fed into the other channel-and presented

Spatial Distortion Reduction Headphone Amplifier
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arguments on the frequency contouring of the required crossfeed. There is a recent Addendum on this page that describes software that implements the spatial distortion reduction scheme outlined on this site-it allows a RIFF/WAVE format selection from a music CD to be "digitally re-mastered" for use with headphones. It works especially well with portable high capacity CD/MP3 players. There is a reason why many musicians and sound/recording/mixing engineers prefer headphones to speakers, (particularly with the recent releases of very good RF and IR connected headphones that remove the leash, ) except for casual listening. (Note: there is a companion project, Direct Coupled Stereo Headphone Amplifier, that eliminates output coupling capacitors-and their related problems-and uses the surround sound techniques discussed here. ) At half wavelengths longer than the spacing spacing between the ears, directional characteristics of speakers are reduced, and the sound waves will diffract around the head; stereo characteristics can not be reproduced, and each ear will hear about the same sound intensity from either speaker. The strategy to make headphones sound like speakers in a spatial environment at low frequencies is to mix both channels, equally, for frequencies below Fl, (e. g. , combine low frequencies from each channel in a monophonic fashion. ) This means that the low frequency listening environment for speakers can be...

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