TTL pulse recording for fMRI data collection

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This web page describes how to install and use my ezlog data logging software. This software allows you to measure when different events happened, allowing you to synchronise the timing of different stimuli. Specifically, my software is designed to get a detailed report of when visual/auditory or tactile stimulation occurred relative to brain imag

TTL pulse recording for fMRI data collection
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es. By collecting functional MRI scans that are sensitive to changes in blood flow, we can identify the brain regions that are involved with certain tasks. My software will measure the time when each brain image was acquired as well as logging the time of the stimulus that the participant perceived. This tutorial is broken into four secions: Hardware: you need to create a cable that connects your scanner and stimulus presentation computer to a computer that will log the times of stimuli and scans. You need to create a cable that can connect the different devices that you wish to record. Each device should be able to generate a TTL (transistor-transistor logic) pulse. The diagram on the right illustrates a cable designed to connect the parallel ports of two computers together, as well as connecting to a scanner. This picture shows a coaxial connector plugging into the scanner, matching the TTL output found on Philips Intera scanners with system release 10 or later. Note that the stimulus presentation computer sends outputs through pins 2. 5, and these are recorded on the input pins of the data logging computer. In addition, note that the 0volt ground lines (shown in black) connect all devices (on a computer`s parallel port, pins 18. 25 are all ground lines). Make sure your scanner is set up to generate pulses with your EPI sequences. For Philips scanners, you go to the `Dyn` (Dynamic) page of the sequence protocol and set...

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