Temperature Conversion circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Excelitas TPS 1T 0134 OAA060 thermopile sensor is a self-contained module with a built-in op amp. (We use the A2TPMI 334 OAA 60 designation in this document because that was the PerkinElmer part number when we purchased them. Since then, PerkinElmer`s optoelectronics division has been sold to Excelitas ( and online searches will still bring up

Temperature Conversion circuit
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references to this device under the PerkinElmer name and part number. The TPS sensor is described by Excelitas as a "recent upgrade" to the TPMI sensors. It is possible that specifications for the TPS sensor ” and, in particular, the equation for converting voltage to temperature ” might be slightly different from the A2TPMI. ) These detectors sense thermal radiation, with spectral response as shown in the graph below. The units come in a variety of configurations, including units that are pre-calibrated for converting voltage to temperatures in °C. The AT2PMI 334 OAA060 version produces a voltage output in the range of 0-4. 5 V, corresponding to a temperature range from -27 °C to 60°C. (Only the most extreme polar regions are likely to lie outside this range!) It is easy to check out the operation of an A2TPMI with a multimeter. It requires only a regulated +5V power supply, which can easily be provided with an IC voltage regulator (78L05) and a 9-V battery. The circuit doesn`t require much power and even a carbon a 9-V battery (sometimes referred to as "heavy duty") widely available at two-for-$1 at dollar stores will last for a couple of days of continuous operation. Because of the chopper-stabilized op amp used in this device, there is a small high-frequency signal on the output, but it should be negligible for this application. There are some potential problems using this device with a data logger. For most of our...

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