Temperature Sensor

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The LM35 temperature sensor provides an output of 10 mV/ƒ for every degree Celsius over 0ƒ. At 20ƒ the output voltage is 20 x 10 = 200 mV. The circuit consurnes 60 A. The load resistance should not be less than 5 k ©. A 4- to 20-V supply can be used. (View) The circuit shown in the picture is the digital temperature meter circuit which us

Temperature Sensor
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es temperature-sensitive diode as the temperature-measurement element. It is mainly made up of the A/D converter 7107, operational amplifier LM324, 3-digit LED display circuit and temperature-sensitive diode and so on. It features high accuracy, good stability, versatility, ease of use and so on. Its temperature measurement range is 0ƒ~100ƒ with accuracy ±1ƒ. The voltage follower, which is made up of the operational amplifier A1, supply power for the A/D converter integrated circuit IC2 and the temperature sampling circuit separately to reduce the interaction between them. The semiconductor transistor VT1 and R1, R2, R3 supply stable bias current for the temperature-sensitive diode VD1. (View) This circuit`s output voltage Vo`s temeratrue sensitivity is 10mV/ °C. The resistance R is current-limit resistance. The capacitor C is used to improve the stability of the circuit. When the test position and the result-reading position have a far distance, the wire resistance`s voltage drop would cause some extent measuring errors. (View) The resistance in the cirtuit is metal film one. Itsaccuracy is better than 1% and temperature coefficient TCis less than ±50X10-6/K. The measuring range is from0ƒ to 100ƒ. Current I= 4+T/6. 25. The temperate unit is ƒ and the current unit is mA. The current shows KTY87two-wire current transmitter consisting of Wheatstone bridge with pre-amplifier, current transmitter stage and voltage regulator....

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