Simple quality-oriented PA 02

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Differential input stage uses the integrated differential charge 2SC15 8 3 and 2SA798, the amplified signal is VT3.VT4 direct anyone to the power amplifier tubes VT5, VT6. Poor

Simple quality-oriented PA 02
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charge performance directly determines the performance of the entire power amplifier circuit, so the machine using the difference in charge of loading 2SC1583 and 2SA798, to improve the stability of the machine, and get good sound quality 2SK134,2SJ49 audio industry can be described as the old pine here, the tube is known to sound warm and delicate, with a tube and charm. So for this Xiao Jin rang interested in fancy vines have lovers taste, use this tube, but also to ensure that this amp sounds such as sound quality

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