Tesla coil project and other high voltage projects

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A small Tesla Coil (12` range), Jacobs Ladder or a `Antigravity Project` from the book `Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius`, but I am having a very hard time locating part for these projects. It is a nice book but there project cost estimate is way of the mark (by a factor of 10-20 more). And the only website I have found is the website from the book and charge an arm and leg.

Tesla coil project and other high voltage projects
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Were can I buy high voltage capacitors, avalanche diodes and high voltage transformers in the 10KV range and higher. Does anyone know of a good source for these parts Ebay is the best bet. For HV transformers, neon-sign transformers are generally the most available but this depends a lot on how popular neon signs are in your area, as well as in some cases regulations that restrict voltage/power, or mandate internal groundfault sensing electronics. The only widely available species of HV transformer is the microwave oven transformer, but their relatively low voltage and high current capability make them difficult and more dangerous to use. Be careful with those evil genius books. I have one and I`m not at all confident that details are explained enough particularly with HT projects working straight off the mains ! I beleive there is a website the author sells the required parts from Farnell sell control panel transformers for converting 208VAC to 600VAC down to 115VAC or 230VAC. You could run one in reverse to give 600VAC or 830VAC, depending on whether you need isolation from the mains or not. You can then use a capacitive voltage multiplier to give 10kVDC. Whether isolation from the mains increases safety is debatable. If you use an isolation transformer and want the secondary to float, you need to ensure the insulation can withstand the secondary plus the primary voltage. The transformer I linked to above is only tested...

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