The Hans Coler Magnetstromapparat Device

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A possible source of quiet and limitless energy for submarine propulsion. It will be noted that this hexagonal construction of coils and magnets and two `rotating` sub-circuits has absolutely no source of power. Yet, to the mystified Coler and Dr. Schumann, it nevertheless managed to produce, or better, transduce power seemingly. from nowhere. Little is known how much

The Hans Coler Magnetstromapparat Device
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farther the Germans took this device, or for that matter, how far the British took it for the two decades and a half after the war that they had to work on it until its declassification. What is unusual is that Dr. Schumann was involved with secret German research on "batteries" as late as 1943, and was subsequently brought to the United State as part of Operation Paperclip. It was this same Dr. Schumann who had noted in 1926 that Hans Coler`s device exhibited "no fault, hoax, or fraud on the part of its inventor. " Such "free energy" devices seemed to have come very early to the attention of the leadership of the Third Reich - witness the meeting between Hitler, Planck, and Schauberger - and more especially to the attentions of the SS. Devices involving pulsed Tesla coils, suspiciously similar to Tesla`s own "Impulse Magnifying Transformer" were constructed.

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