The STA013 MP3 Decoder Chip

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This page`s mission is to help you understand how to use the STA013 MP3 decoder chip in order to design your own MP3 player. The player design described at the rest of these pages uses the STA013, but this page is intended to help you understand the STA013 itself, to use it in your own MP3 player design project. The STA013 datasheet (and other inf

The STA013 MP3 Decoder Chip
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o from ST ) is terse and can be difficult to understand, partly because the STA013 is highly configurable. The goal here is to focus on one "normal" usage, only the essential requirements, and one useful configuration, so that this material is as easy to understand as possible. Here are the basic assumptions: Multimedia Mode: in this mode, the STA013 automatically detects the bitrate of your MP3 data, and gives you a signal requesting more data. You feed data into the STA013 as rapidly as possible (well, up to 20 Mbit/sec), as long as it keeps asserting its data request signal. The MP3`s sample rate (32, 44. 1, 48 kHz) is also automatically detected, and the correct clock and data waveforms are created for the DAC. It is possible to ask the STA013 what it has detected while it`s playing, though that`s outside the scope of this simple-as-possible introduction (see the datasheet). There is also a broadcast mode that requires you to feed data at the correct bitrate. Broadcast mode is much more difficult to use and isn`t very useful for most MP3 player designs. All the information here is focused only on multimedia mode. OCLK Output: the STA013 can create all the signals needed to drive a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). The STA013 can also accept an external DAC clock, but for most applications this is unnecessary and more difficult. All of the examples here assume the OCLK will be created by the STA013, which is a lot...

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