The designs and realizing of the electric current based on CAN bus line voltage transducer

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Field bus technology and intelligent instrument technology are automatic and controlling the trade to develop two major most quick technology at present. In the field bus technology, CAN bus line develops a kind of comparatively fast agreement standards, have already widely used in the automatic field. What this text introduced is a kind of intell

The designs and realizing of the electric current based on CAN bus line voltage transducer
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igence based on CAN bus line to pick up the system. Control device LAN ControllerAreaNetwork, CAN It was Germany Bosch Company at the beginning of the eighties of the 20th century for a kind of data communication that was developed of data interchange between numerous control and test instrument while solving Hyundai Motor Agreement. CAN bus line can support the serial communication network of distributed control or real time control effectively. The communication medium can be paired line, coaxial and light-transmitting fibre. In order to should meet this control system requirement for centralized management as well as decentralized control, based on CAN bus line electric current, voltage pick up the system adopt the bus type network topology, low cost simple in construction. Its network makes up the way and is shown as in Fig. 1. Pick up the node and regard microcontroller as the core, is furnished with CAN communication interface in on-the-spot CAN intelligence, its main function is the real time data which are gathered every site plant, and hand in the data gathered to the monitor station through CAN bus line, for the monitor station to gather machine format essential information, thus carry on data analysis. Monitor station PC Realize that observes and controls nodal communication with CAN intelligence through CAN2PC bus line adapting card in the slot. Unless in it is at system architecture, what mechanisms mains be...

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