Three Phase 6 Pulse Inverter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

One of the primary things i wanted to do with my Arduino was turn my generators into motors. My simple generators were not simple to turn into motors but this proved to be particularly tricky with my three phase generator. Doing this requires me to create a three phase inverter. The first time I looked at a circuit for this, I thought it would be dead simple. All I need is a few transistors and a few

Three Phase 6 Pulse Inverter
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diodes then I can hook them up like this: and it would work. This turned out to be untrue. That diagram really leaves out a whole lot of details which had me scratching my head for weeks. In particular the transistors connected to the high side just will not work without additional circuitry. 6- 200 ohm resistors (actually I ran out of these and used 100 ohm and 4000 ohm resistors from the output of the MOSFETs to the Arduino Uno, but 200 ohm are probably a better choice) 3- TC4432 MOSFET driver chip. Be really careful with these, not sure if it was static on my part or poor quality control from the supplier but half of these didn`t work. If you want a inverter above 30V this component will need to be replaced with a different MOSFET driver. Another alternative might be a charge pump circuit. 1- 7805A R1424 Voltage regulator. This powers the Arduino from the battery pack. The onboard voltage regulator on the arduino could probably substitute for this. 1- capacitor. Unfortunately this didn`t have a legible label on it so I am not quite sure what I used beyond that it was not an electrolytic capacitor so it was probably fairly low capacitance. This was just to lower any ripple which occurred on the DC side of the inverter. 1- battery pack with six rechargeable 1. 25 volt batteries. I also ran this circuit using a 20V DC supply but if you do this pin 3 on the TC4432s must be disconnected from ground and the voltage regulator...

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