USB Powered mini Amplifier

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

It is intended for use as a dual audio power amplifier in battery-powered sound players. Specifications of TDA2822M are low quiescent current, low crossover distortion, supply voltage down to 1. 8 volts and minimum output power of around 450 mW/channel with 4-ohm loudspeaker at 5V DC supply input. An ideal power amplifier can be simply defined as a

USB Powered mini Amplifier
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circuit that can deliver audio power into external loads without generating significant signal distortion and without consuming excessive quiescent current. Audio signals from the PC audio socket/headphone socket are fed to the amplifier circuit through components R2 and C2 (left channel), and R3 and C3 (right channel). Potenciometer VR1 works as the volume controller for left (L) channel and potmeter VR2 works for right (R) channel. Pin 7 of TDA2822M receives the left-channel sound signals and pin 6 receives the right-channel signals through VR1 and VR2, respectively. Amplified signals for driving the left and right loudspeakers are available at pins 1 and 3 of IC1.

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