Useless Electronic Circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Here I will post some cool looking, challenging yet extremely fun electronic circuits you can build. I studied Electronics most of my life, since I was in middle school electronics have been my passion and have been creating some circuits since then. Most of the time when you get informa

Useless Electronic Circuits
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tion about electronics it is to make some tool you can use to do some other task, it made sense, to use knowledge to facilitate a task. But after making countless semi-useful electronic circuits I became a little bored with them, the thrill of creating them faded after it was done. So I decided to start making electronic circuits that I can have fun with after i finish them, like puzzles, small games, a little gadget or some other stuff I could share with friends and family. In that process I noticed many people actually like useless electronics, they found them fun and amusing, so I decided to share my cute little circuits online, so that other electronics enthusiast and their friends may benefit from them. The first circuit is a little puzzle I created. The purpose is to press a series of buttons in the correct order, if you press the wrong one you`ll get the "loser-buzzer", kind of like what happens in that know board game that I can`t remember the name, where you play doctor. The exact rules are up to you, there is a little catch to use the circuit, you have to rewire the buttons to make a new combination, but that is easy and doesn`t even require technical knowledge. The puzzle itself is a logic circuit, designed so that only the correct order of the buttons will turn on the indicator leds, any other will trigger the loser-buzzer.

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