Variable High Voltage Power Supply

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

With just a few parts from old microwave ovens, TV sets, and an oil burner, you can build an affordable instrument for whatever you wish to snap, crackle, or pop! The key component is the voltage multiplier, which I covered in the High Voltage Multiplier instructable. Build it first, then drop it into this project for a variable output. Mains voltage is applied to the power supply thru a 120 VAC Panel connector. With the case

Variable High Voltage Power Supply
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closed, current passes through a 5 Amp fuse, F1 and through the case safety switch, S1 causing the Ready indicator, I1 to light when the power switch S2 is placed in the ON position to energize the supply. Current passes through Variac, VT1 which adjusts the input voltage to the OBT. The OBT steps up the input voltage to a maximum of 6, 000 VAC. The output of the OBT is fed to the high voltage multiplier, HVM where it is multiplied to 51, 000 VDC output. The case safety switch and the power contactor are not necessary for this supply to work. I thought the ability to power on and off by using a pushbutton was cool. Thats all. The second schematic shows them removed. My load has very high impedance so I need virtually no current (<< 1 mA) but I would like to reduce the ripple on the output so it is negligible. A simple RC low-pass filter with a resistor and a capacitor in series across the original output should do the trick. I don`t want to have to find a 100 kV cap so I`ll just join a few 20 kV caps in series to create a cap unit that will handle the voltage. My new + output will come from the junction of the resistor and the + end of the caps (the low-pass filter output). Member Machine mentioned earlier that a front panel meter would be nice and I agree. He had some concerns about using a voltage divider so the meter could work with some reasonable voltage like 0 to 10 V instead of 0 to 50 kV. I`ve done the resistor...

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