Very Simple Oscillator

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is the first oscillator I ever built. I remember looking at books and magazines, schematics on the net, etc. They wereall either colpitt or hartley oscillators. Generally speaking while they`re simple enough, they require the use of properinductors which is something that usually you don`t have when you`re just starting out or you can`t measu

Very Simple Oscillator
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re them because youdon`t yet own the proper equipment (unless you`re lucky). If you want something even simpler, you may take a look at negistors  ” however you will need a much higher voltage than 3Vso it may not be possible to operate it in a portable device, unless you were to use two 9V batteries (and this to mewouldn`t be cheap nor practical!) If you want to operate the oscillator at higher voltages, you`ll have to replace the transistors with higher power devicessuch as the BC337 and the BD140. These should allow you to run it up to 12V (although the BC337 may run hot!) The total cost is just pennies, considering you may already have a suitable speaker, switch and button cell which arearguably the most expensive components in the list.

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