applied robotics

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Mostly everything has been put together for the electrical portion of the project. Serial communication is almost working and will be used in conjunction with a Teensy 2. 0 chip to communicate through serial USB and the mega128. A TTL UART serial driver such as the MAX232 needs to be purchased in order to communicate between teensy and mega 128. The PC will

applied robotics
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send data via USB to the Teensy, then the teensy will relay this information to the mega128. This was something that was discovered after making a DB9 to DB9 serial cable and realizing that no new computers have a DB9 serial port. We all ready have a Teensy 2. 0 on hand, and code just needs to be tested for the communication and the MAX232 circuit needs to be built. This design has already been proven, and example code for USB routines can be found HERE. Here is a schematic to be used with the teensy and MAX232: PWM for the solenoid has been successfully written and tested with our solenoid at full power. A circuit was created to pulse the voltage of the solenoid using a power mosfet, flyback diode, and power mosfet driving stage. A circuit can be found below: Basically, You de-assert the disable pin, connect a DC motor to M1a and M1b, and based on whether Phase 1 is logic high or low, the motor will turn clockwise or counter clockwise. The motor controller chip is powered by 12V, and the hex inverter is powered by 5V. Logic levels from the mega128 are 5V high and gnd low. For the software we have usedMATLABto handle the computer vision. We have taken three different pictures that we can use in order to calibrate and proof our finding algorithm. Below are four pictures whereMATLABhas found all the blue pucks. After finding all thepucksthe system finds the closest puck and outputs the position. The current system...

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