brain wave machine

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

With simplicity being the goal, brain-wave goggles can be constructed from suitable eyewear, such as safety glasses, and an array of LED`s (Light Emitting Diodes). I`m using the PC`s parallel port to control the flashrate of the LED`s. Audio stimulation can be provided by a stereo and headphones or the PC`s soundcard. I`m using 8 LED`s, one per parallel port data out line.

brain wave machine
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This provides an easy way to control each individual LED allowing for some variations in pattern and intensity. Each lense on the goggles will hold four LED`s in a diamond pattern. The LED`s are powered by the parallel port and controlled via softw1are. Glue the LED`s into the holes. Be sure there is room betw1een the LED`s and your face when you are wearing the goggles. Actually, the LED`s fit tightly in 3/16" holes and I didn`t need to use glue. Wire all of the LED`s cathode leads together and connect (with a long wire) to a ground pin on the parallel port connector. Pins 18-25 are all ground so pick any one of those. Note: the flat side of the LED is the cathode lead. Connect the LED`s anode leads to the parallel port connector. Follow the circuit diagram above which outlines which parallel port pin to connect each LED to. Use long wires, you are going to want to be lying down when you use the goggles. (If you are using a printer cable you can use a battery and a LED to figure out which pin each wire is attached to. ) If your parallel port wires aren`t already in a bundle tie them together with wire-ties so they don`t get tangled. You will also want to provide strain-relief by attaching the wire bundle to the goggles so it doesn`t get pulled off.

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