Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A hexapod walker robot that uses three servos. It uses a Parallax Basic Stamp I for its brains, and let me tell you, its all this controller can do just to make the bug walk! Walking is MUCH more complex than just rolling! I will have more details and pics soon. The body of my hexapod is made from plain Radio Shack protoboard, no copper or traces. Its super light

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(critical) and fairly rigid - unfortunately, its also kind of fragile. The dimensions are roughly 6 1/2 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide. There are two cutouts for the outer leg servos, they are 3/4 inch from the rear of the board. The dimensions of the cutouts will be determined by the size of the servos that you will be using. It works, but I have to be careful about drilling bending and tightening things. This could just as easily been a piece of hobby grade bass wood, aluminum or plexiglass. The legs are made from old PC boards that I was throwing out (PC I/O cards). I used a torch to unsolder mass quantities of parts and then a scroll saw to chop out the different pieces. I ran out for the center legs so just used what I could find there. This center leg should be as long as the outer legs stick out from the side of the robot. This center servo is mounted such that the center point of the servo horn is dead-center on the chassis plate and equidistant between the front and rear legs. The center leg spar is mounted at the "low" point on the servo wheel, and not through the center of the wheel. This introduces a bit of sway in the motion of the robot. The two end servos are mounted using screws, the center servo is mounted with servo tape (sticky on both sides) and is tie-wrapped to the main chassis plate. Each leg is made up of two pieces, the horizontal spar that connects to either a servo or a pivot joint, and a...

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