c programming tutorial setup

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

For the other components you should have most of the stuff lying around if you have doneany type of electronics except for the programmer, RS232 chip and PIC. For getting information out of the project and into the PC a USB to RS232 is needed and this can also be bought on ebay. The first thing you need to do is down load the compiler : Click Here

c programming tutorial setup
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

. Download theexecutable to your computer, double click it and follow the instructions. R1stops the part entering the wrong programming mode (LVP mode). LVP mode is the default mode (Low Volt Programming) and is always enabled for new parts but it makes the pin unusable for anything else. Since there are not many pins in this particular part the first task is to disable LVP mode. You can do this by programming the part with the first program which has turned off the LVP fuse and at the same time it flashes the LED so once the part is programmed you can see that it`s working. Note: Later diagrams may not show R1 as it is only important when 1st programming the part (if you ensure that the LVP control is always set to off in the compiler project edit control panel - see videos for more information on that). Once LVP isprogrammed off then the PGM pin becomes a `normal` pin i. e. you can treat it as normal I/O and use it just like any other programmable I/O pin. Note:I use 7zip - just do a google search for `7zip` if you don`t have an unzip program which is free and integrates into the windows shell - meaning you can right click in explorer and directly zip/unzip files. Unzip the file `prog00-16F88-intro. zip` in the pic-c-course directory. It will create a directory c:pic-c-courseprog00-16F88-intro in which will be a hex file. For this C programming tutorial you should have installed ICPROG so start that program up now. Setup...

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