control electric appliances

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

With this circuit you can power-ON or Power-OFF a lot of electric/electronic devices such as aDSL modem, personal computers, water boilers, water pumps, garage doors, lights and many more. Moreover, you can watch the status of 8 switches. These switches can be connected with reed switches to the windows and the doors of your house. Just like a sec

control electric appliances
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urity system. This circuit is constituted by an AVR micro-controller (ATtiny2313) at 4MHz, the GM-47 GSM module, a SIM card and 4 relays. The GM-47 module works at 3. 3V and is powered by the voltage stabilizer IC1. The micro-controller IC2 can work with power from 2. 7V-5. 5V when the speed is under 10MHz. So we power it at 3. 3V because this is the voltage level that works GM-47 module. The data connection between GM-47 and ATtiny2313 is done at 9600 bps. The voltage level for this comunication is 3. 3V from AVR`s side and 2. 7V from GM-47 side. Because of this voltage difference I used the T2 transistor to do the voltage level adaptation. The connection of the SIM card with the GM-47 is been made by the SIM-holder K15 and the presence of the SIM card into the SIM-holder is been made by the swich SW on SIM-holder. The LED D6 when it flases, indicates that the connection to the cell phone network has been done properly. When the module cannot been connected to any cell phone network, the LED stays always ON (it`s not blinking). After you power-on the circuit the IC2 (ATtiny2313) waits until GM-47 is initiallized, by reading the SIM card and connects to the GSM network that SIM card supports. After the connection to the network, the AVR sends the command to select the GM-47 memory as SMS storage memory. If the answer of the module is not the AVR sends again the same command. If the answer is the AVR...

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