Make the laser harp of the intention by oneself

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

So long as the visitor stretches out one`s hand and crosses the black harp of that entire body, the tone will be played . Why is not there the string to play S

Make the laser harp of the intention by oneself
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

He says, this is the laser harp. This laser harp lets me recall a lot of old affairs of many years` standing too, I have ever said to classmates for a long time, I can make a laser harp too, still and his bet, but because the question of time has never been finished. Has seen the laser harp of the Iranian hall, I decide to produce it, it is certainly a very simple and crude laser harp. But to friend and speech fond of DIY, it is a good intention that is made small. Install 5 3. 0V laser tubes on the wood block above, and fix on wood block below with the hot-melt adhesive. Bore the hole with the bit of 0. 8mm, and install correspondent 5 pieces of photo resistance, namely make up the fundamental base. Then, put cell box No. 5 in the appropriate place, fix with the hot-melt adhesive. Finally, according to the power schematic diagram, connect the correspondent lead wire with the socket, in order to facilitate the staging of back-end connected sum. Finally, connect with circuit board base again. I successively made two kinds of circuit of the base, the ones that adopted were these two one-chip computers of AT89C2051 and ATMEGA8 separately. Certainly, characteristic and result are different. Because the material is limited, I have only made the works of 5 strings. It is very simple for this making to weld, are all the components and parts of DIP, use the insulating mantle line according to the schematic diagram, connect and...

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