converter lhc600a 40v

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This Power Converter is used in LHC Machine to power superconductive magnets. It is located in the LHC underground installation, close to the loads to limit cable losses in the underground installation. Voltage Source is based on a half bridge resonnant topology (dual thyristor) followed by a 4 quadrant linear stage to allow the 4 quadrant operati

converter lhc600a 40v
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on. This topology gives a very low output EMC noise, at a cost of some control complexity given by the different stages. High precision current control loop is managed by the digital controller called FGC (Function Generator Controller). This unit includes a high precision Sigma Delta Analog to Digital Converter which digitalize the analog current measurement coming from 2 DCCTs (DC current Transducer). Precision is then directly relying on sensor precision: DCCT, the ADCs, and the algorithm being used for the regulation loop. Voltage source is then used as a power amplifier, powering the load through a high bandwidth voltage loop (>500Hz). Power Converter is part of magnet protection scheme, even if not directly fully responsible of the monitoring and diagnostic of the superconductive magnet status. Dedicated systems QPS (Quench Protection System) + PIC (Power Interlock Controller) can interlock Power Converter if magnet safety requires it. LHC600A-40V Power Converter is also responsible of the current leads protection. These current leads are the 2 (minus and plus polarities) electrical conductors located at the transition between cold and warm environment. Power Converter provide a safe incoming signal called Fast Abort. This redundant signal uses 2 paths to interlock and stop the converter and its redundancy is checked each time it acts. Magnet current path is ensured through a dedicated system called crowbar or through...

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