dc to dc converter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Here is a easy circuit of a DC to DC converter using LM317T IC. LM317 is a very famous IC comes in TO 220 package. This high performance IC has a lot of good features like input supporting voltage from 3 to 40 volt DC and delivers regulated output from 1. 25 to 37 volt DC with 1. 5A output current. The IC also contains build in current limiter, buil

dc to dc converter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

t in thermal overload protection and safe area protection. The circuit mentioned here will perform the task of step down fixed voltage DC to DC converter. There are many fixed voltage DC to DC step down converter ICs are available in the market like LM7805 for DC 5 volt fixed output, LM7809 is for DC 9 volt fixed output etc. But LM317 is a single IC from which you can get any fix output voltage between 1. 2 to 37 volt DC by using suitable values of resistor R1 and R2. The output voltage chart mentioned below will help you in choosing the suitable value of resistor R2 to get the desired output voltage. You can also use the LM 317 voltage calculator chart mentioned here: In this calculator you can also adjust the value of resistor R1 between 150 to 470 ohms to get the desired output voltage. The input voltage must be 2 to 3 volt greater than the output voltage. Use a suitable heatsink with the IC. You can also use a variable resistor in the place of R2 if desired more details are here 1. 25V - 37V 1. 5A Variable / Adjustable Power Supply Using LM317.

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