Arduino Retro Computer with SD card and LCD

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Added a BASIC preprocessor made in python that allows you to write code withought line numbers and to use labels. the preprocessor adds the lines and changes the labels to line numbers. Also made an AmericanFootball BASIC game, as an example of how to use the preprocessor. Also made some small changes to the firmware, so make sure to update that t

Arduino Retro Computer with SD card and LCD
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oo. May 10 2012: Fixed a bug that allowed only 127 lines of BASIC in one program, now allows 255 lines, I will increase this number when I get a chance. AmericanFootball. BAS now works, I have finally tested it. Update all your files! I did not use this, but you may consider using this hack to connect an SD card using a 5. 25 inch floppy disk connector: WARNING, the SDcard library does not use a FAT file system. so any data you may have on the SD card will be lost. you will need to reformat the SD card to use it again on a PC. I realize that few people will use the LCD module I used(which is a rare Japanese one), if someone uses a normal LCD remove the driver for mine, and replace all the print2nl() and print2 with lcd. print and lcd. printnl and send me a copy of the working sketch to usmpadow@gmail. com so I can put it up with this project. L# GOSUB L# - goes to the line number specified and will return to the next line when a RETURN is encountered (it seems this might be buggy too. I will try to fix it) Upload the SDmemBASIC. ino sketch to the arudino. Use a terminal program like Tera Term, connect to your arduino(if it is terraterm, set the wait to 20ms for each char and 200ms for each line in setup=>Serial Port) this one only uses the SD card, and the Serial Terminal to communicate, no LCD screen required: this one uses RAM, so you only need an arduino, no SD card or LCD screen, the BASIC programs are very restricted...

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