dual power supply

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Every electronic gadget primarily needs a D. C, power supply to energize it. It also forms the basic requirement for any constructional project. consequently there is a need to obtain multiple voltage values for cost reduction, convenience and compact arrangement for all the above applications The required D. C. power supply is usually obtained by m

dual power supply
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eans of a transformer. It is also possible to have transformer ­less power supplies. Though the elimination of the transformer makes the circuit compact, economical and simple, also facilitating quick assembly and built in short circuit protection, certain drawbacks creep in. These power supplies are useful only for low current applications. Special safety precautions are to be followed while using them. Physical contact should be strictly avoided, since the output terminals are not isolated from A. C. mains supply. This obviously necessitates the use of a transformer. By suitable modification it is possible to obtain multiple/ fractional dual voltages from a transformer. Different not-so obvious voltage values can also be obtained from the transformer by rectification circuits. The output so obtained from a transformer secondary is unregulated. For good load regulation, the internal impedance of any power supply should be as low as possible. The regulation can be improved either by resistor zener method or series regulator method. However, the three-terminal regulators greatly simplify the power regulation problem. These regulators need no external components. They employ internal current limiting and thermal shutdown which make them tough. For simplicity, compactness, convenience and accuracy the use of three ­ terminal regulators is ideal. These IC voltage regulators are freely available in various ranges both positive...

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