edm production circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

you could apply a step sequence that only triggers every other step, then, make the steps that do trigger, rise with each activation. From there you could apply that LFO to other parameters of the plugin to spice up the sound. (I. e. you could apply it to the intensity of an oscillator and build upon your initial Yoi) `Doing that would sound cool, but

edm production circuit
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that`s still not the original sound!" You might say. If my hypothetical advice is working so far; Just make another Step Sequenced LFO (different than first one) that also triggers on every other step. Turn the triggered steps all the way and apply that LFO to the amp of the all original oscillators being used. Try a slightly detuned saw or two with portemento and a slight pitch envelop with fast decay and no attack, sustain or release. It`ll probably be difficult to make it exactly the same as you need to mix it correctly to make it sound clean. I suggest watching this tutorial, which demonstrates how to make that detuning portemento effect and applies to all the acid lead synths you have mentioned. As for the "choral" (oooo) pad effect the main sound is a low passed synth with long sustain and long attack, in fact just search up any pad tute. On top of this, is what is known as a formant filter which creates high resonant peaks harmonically in the signal, this creates the choral effect. First off I REALLY tried finding a damn instrumental of this but nothing I could link to. Anyways, at 0:20 to 0:32 there`s a stutter type effect and a pitch drop every 4 bars or so. I`ve tried to recreate the stutter with basic MIDI writing but no luck. Can anyone guide me to where I can learn to add this stutter type effect to my own projects ALSO, I can`t replicate the repeated every 4 bar pitch drop that occurs in that same );20 to...

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