fire stick schematic diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This article will show you how to build your own version of the Fire-Stick infrared remote control system. The LITEON infrared receiver modules originally designed-in to the Fire-Stick have been discontinued, and forced us to re-design the original circuit boards. The principle works of the fire stick is the heart of the Fire-Stick is the Holtek H

fire stick schematic diagram
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T-12A encoder IC. This handy little encoder was specifically designed for infrared transmission media, and internally generates the 38 KHz carrier frequency for each data transmission. The data pins of the HT-12A act as both data input pins & transmit enable inputs. Unlike most ordinary encoder ICs with separate transmit enable pins, and data input pins, the HT-12A uses the data input pins to take care of both input functions. By pulling one of the data pins to ground, the transmission cycle is started. As with most encoders, a pre-determined sequence of events takes place during each separate transmission cycle. The HT-12A however, has a few internal extras that make it pretty flexible. Notice from the flow chart below that the logic state of the L/MB pin is checked prior to finishing the transmission cycle and returning to standby mode. The L/MB pin serves as the Latch/Momentary selection pin, and determines whether the HT-12A will end each transmission cycle by sending the exact logic state present on each data pin, or end the transmission cycle by sending logic "1" 7 times as the data. If L/MB is left floating, (not connected), the transmission will send only the actual logic values present on each of the HT-12A data input pins. This logic value will be latched onto the output pins of the HT-12D decoder IC until you send another transmission with different data. The HT-12D decoder IC used on the Fire-Stick receiver...

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