fogger timer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

On Halloween night, I reguarly have periods of 5, 10, and even 15 minutes where no ToTs are around. It seemed kind of silly to me to have the fogger spewing fog during such breaks by using a standard fogger timer. Instead, I decided to build my own custom fogger timer. I picked up an IEC extension cable, which has the kind of connector my foggercontrol button has. I cut the other

fogger timer
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end of the cable off so that I could get at the wires. Next, I opened up button controller that came with the fogger. Using my multimeter in "continuity check" mode, I determined which 2 pins of the connector were connected to either side of the button in the controller. I have no idea how standard this configuration is, but in my case, it was the middle pin and the right pin, as indicated in the picture: Now, using the multimeter again, determine which 2 wires on the extension cable match up with those same 2 pins from the original connector. These are the wires that need to be connected to one side of a relay. It doesn`t matter which wire goes to which pin of the relay. Since 110V runs through this cable, I didn`t want the relay pins exposed so that they could come into contact with anything, so before soldering the wires onto the relay, I purchased a plastic electrical box and ran the wires into that. I then soldered the 2 wires onto the relay. I also soldered 2 short control wires onto the pins connected to the coil of the relay. I soldered the other ends of the control wires onto the pins of a terminal block that I mounted on the side of the electrical box, drilling a couple of small holes for the pins of the terminal block to pass through. I also soldered a diode across the 2 pins of the coil of the relay. Once all this was soldered up, and I had verified that the connections were good, I glued the relay, pins up, to...

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