hacking rfid for fun

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Interesting articles about reading/writing RFID proximity cards that we use foraccess to controlled areas. This all came about after a discussion with a colleague about how easy it would be to clone a card. After a bit of research we managed to find and talk to Carl whohas spent numerous hours working on his hacks.

hacking rfid for fun
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Proxclone was put togetheras an information hubto help understand the technologies used in 125Khz proximity based access control systems and cards. Since there are numerous vendors who manufacture proximity based reader and card products, Carl`s efforts have been focused on the some of the more popular and widely used products in the marketplace. The picture below is of my prototype combination card reader and cloner. The unit is self contained and does not require the use of a PC or other external equipment to operate. Operation is simple and straightforward. Simply hold a card near the antenna and the unit reads and decodes the information from the card. The information is then formatted and displayed on a 4G—20 character LCD. If the operator wishes to make a copy of the card he simply brings a T5557/5567 Read/Write card near the antenna and presses the write  button. The LED flashes and in less than a second the R/W card has been programmed with the information that was read from the original. Voila ! A clone card. The cost to build the device was minimal (approx. $30) including the LCD display and circuit board. The design fit on a single sided circuit board that I etched myself. The PWB was made to be the same size as the LCD so that they could be plugged together as a single assembly. I initially began this activity by trying to build a simple card reader that could be used to obtain all of the information that was...

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