inverter circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Double-ended working core square wave inverter transformer area product formulaBm is the maximum magnetic flux. Transformer primary side of the switch S1 and S2 in parallel with IRF32055 only reason why parallel, mainly because access to the load in the inverter, the transformer primary current is relatively large, parallel to shunt, which can effectively

inverter circuit diagram
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reduce the switch power, and will not cause damage. PWM control circuit chip SG3524, is a voltage type switching power supply integrated controller, with output current limit, switching frequency is adjustable, error amplifier, PWM comparator and turn-off circuit, which produces a square wave PWM peripheral circuits required very simple. When the pin 11 and pin 14 parallel, the output pulse from 0 to 95% duty cycle, pulse frequency of the oscillator frequency is equal to 1 / 2. When the pin 10 (off stump) plus high, can achieve the blockade of the output pulse, and the external circuit properly connected, you can achieve under-voltage, over-current protection. Using SG3524 regulating the internal op amp that comes with the drive waveform of the output duty cycle D, the 50%, and then reverse after CD4011, got on the tube of the drive waveform of D <50%, this can ensure that the two groups switch drive, have a common dead time. Shown in Figure 3, DC / AC conversion using single-phase output, the form of full-bridge inverter, power inverter for the reduced volume, lower cost, using the frequency out put LC filter. Posed by the four IRF740 bridge inverter circuit, IRF740 maximum voltage 400V, current of 10A, power 125W, using half-bridge driver IR2110 provides driving signal, the input waveform provided by the SG3524, the same way adjustable driver output waveforms of the SG3524 of D <50%, driven by square wave inverter to...

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