A bedside lamp delay circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

1C is a CD4 cries O. A (16) feet for the Vcc terminal. (8) feet for the ground. (12) feet for the reset terminal. (7) feet for Qt end, (3) feet to q. End (Sh, U). (Il) FW exter

A bedside lamp delay circuit
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nal resistor oscillation element pit. Taipa deposit C4 oscillation frequency electric power to Yin pair alum. w decisions; credible f Deputy: in the off state annals, but also of a circuit, especially when more power when you press 1 button AN, towels electric converter provided by Rii trigger current to be in vain silicon SCR, SCR guide larva, light teal. Indole this state, r bubble across the electric Ju through c. Drop Ng, Di plow stream, after DW regulator, in c/nitric end was holy to the galvanic about IOV. L rG role. 1C is reset to zero. (3). cn feet are the output fW: ratF. Corresponding to the three diodes day deadline G, c commanded by end DC R7, Ri. I continue to make the SCR conduction. [C-zero, the oscillator starts to oscillate within stationary oscillation frequency is about 1./2.3C4(R4+W). Correspondence (7) feet have connected a light emitting tube flicker. t resistance adjusting chop most A.fl.t. He vibration cycle is about 0.25 seconds, and also delay of about a tip of T4-h 0.25, BD 33 Clocks the blinking cycle of the arc tube is 24 x O. 25 seconds, that is 4 seconds l on for 2 seconds and off for 2 seconds). W l value transferred dish drawer hours, the oscillation period of approximately 0023 seconds, and the extension of the hemp called about 3 Shu bell, then pq sparkle cycle arc tube about 0 4 seconds, L uf to see this. It flashes the speed of light arms delay mountain when I can reflect the length Austin. To delay time, (3) Gallery lose HI high, BG saturation. SCR trigger current water Further Oh Ge off. Results Zhu light is off, the delay circuit also stop working without electricity, resistance R, capacitance C, providing electricity to close down the road.

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