midi to dmx arduino control shield

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

I hacked together a quick and dirty Arduino MIDI-to-DMX control for our robot band Science Fiction Children. It`s really simple! And here`s how I did it. I have two really cheap LED Par56 from Stairville (DMX controlled), a simple DMX-Dimmer pack and use Ableton Live for our sound setup. So all I want is to control the differentcolors and dimmer

midi to dmx arduino control shield
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channels (DMX channels) with each one Midi-Note. The pitch (note) shall represent the channel, the midi velocity shall represent the actual DMX-value (brightness). Some words about the DMX protocol: This is a really simple serial protocol, the connectors are 3-pole XLR and yep you can use normal audio XLR-cables. The devices (my LED-Par for example) are connected in a chain. Each device can have one or more channels, there are up to 255 channels per chain possible. Let`s have a look at a standard LED PAR56 channel setup: So all we have to do is to send something from 0 to 63  to channel 1  to set the device to RGB Mode and then the brightness value (0. 255) to channel 1. 3 for the brightness of the different colors. Really easy. When you set another start address for the DMX Device, the 5 channels are shifted, e. g. to 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. You have two sections: opto copler 4N28 for handling the MIDI-In. You can probably use other types like the 4N38 as well. Secondly the DMX output section that consists of a serial converter 75176, here you could also use the standard chip MAX481 (see this tutorial ) // welcome to MIDI to DMX by moritz Simon geist. // Ressources, setup and hardware: // DmxSimple is available from: // Help and support: */ #include byte incomingByte; byte note; byte velocity; int statusLed = 13; // select the pin for the LED int action=2; //0 =note off ; 1=note on ; 2= nada void setup() {...

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