Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Motherboard, or Mobo v4. 3. 4 BETA, is an addon board to plug onto the Softrock v6. 3 RxTx, to transform it into an all band (160-10m) HF transceiver electronically controlled via USB. Mobo v4. 3. 4 BETA is developed by a team of radio amateurs. The `core` members are Alex Lee (9V1AL), Mike Collins (KF4BQ), Loftur Jonasson (TF3LJ), Marc Olanie (F6I

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TU), and Art Allen (KY1K), with valuable contributions from many others. (footer P19) J1 and (footer P15) J2 - thus replacing the PAF modules. With the Mobo, there is no need to use any of the PAF modules. J2 will also provide the power supply to the Mobo. (footer P30) SW1 - the 2nd row of headers underneath the DIP switch. Do not install the DIP switch SW1 and install a 4-pin female receptacle on the 2nd row. This will provide the signal path for the Mobo to control the Si570 on the SR v6. 3. A correctly functioning RXTX V6. 3 is essential to success with the Mobo 4. 3. You will be plugging the Mobo into and out of the RXTX several times during the project. When trouble-shooting, one wants to be able to rely (at least initially) on a proven assumption that the problem does NOT lie with the RXTX! From Robert NQ0T: "Make sure your RXTXv6. 3 is working properly. The MOBO didn`t work for me when I first threw the switch. In the midst of inserting and removing the MOBO over and over again, things came loose on the 6. 3 that I had thought were fine. On several occasions, I had to pull off the MOBO, put on the PAF, and BPF`s and verify that the 6. 3 was doing what it was supposed to. Having a functional 6. 3, I found, helped immensely in getting the MOBO to run. " Use of up to 8 onboard filters multiplexed for both Rx and Tx and electronically switched. Each filter is on a plugin minifilter board, with flexibility of filter...

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