motion detector schematics

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

To quickly determine the remote control transmitter is good or bad, you can use the remote control detector as shown. If the detected remote control transmitter is good, it will instantly audible alarm signal. The detector can be used to detect various types of color TV, VCR, music center, air conditioning, remote control transmitter quality, ease of use. Circuit: As shown in the circuit of the detector schematic.

motion detector schematics
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By the IC, R3 and R4, C1 form an audio oscillator, the oscillation frequency by the formula f = 1. 443 / (R3 2R4) C1 estimate. The circuit around the audio settings in the 580Hz. Normally, VT1 phototransistor has not been the role of light, its large internal resist ance, making the deadline VT2, and the IC`s reset pin is low and the end of 4 in the main reset state, pin 3 is low, so the circuit does not audible signal. When you press the test of any infrared remote control transmitter of a remote control button, the infrared pulse signal is received VT1, VT1 makes a very small internal resistance, the corresponding conduction VT2, IC 4 feet high, this time in the audio IC oscillation phase, 3 pin output audio signal, so that the piezoelectric ceramic B sound, and LED is lit. Optional components: IC 555 using a single time base IC NE555, can also be used FX55A55, 5G1555 models. VT1 is 3DU31 type phototransistor. VT2 selected magnification 100 Silicon PNP-type transistor 9015. Use ordinary sound 3mm LED red light-emitting diodes, or LEDs can sound 5mm. G using the laminated battery 6V power supply, to reduce its volume. B Select piezoelectric ceramics HTD-27A. Production and commissioning: The figure is the detector assembly of printed circuit board diagram. Phototransistor VT1`s not exposed by the light part of the case, the order from the case 2mm - 5mm is appropriate, and in the VT1 of the hole set up by the red filter...

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