Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This page describes building a IR remote shuttle release for the Nikon D70s digital camera (compatible with the Nikon D70 and possibly others). The equivalent commercial product is the Nikon ML-L3 remote control. It can be used to trigger the shutter for self portraits as well as for long `bulb` exposures. My project uses a Microchip PIC 12F675 mi

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croprocessor to produce the coded infra-red(IR) signal to trigger the camera. The only other parts required are a battery (I used a 3V coin battery), a switch, a resistor, and an IR LED. The result is a pretty cheap project (only about $6 for the parts). I would like to thank BigMike who published a similar project based on the AVR micro-controller and published the IR code sequence needed for the Nikon camera. My version uses a few less parts but BigMike`s final result looks a lot more professional than mine. Warning: While the chances of damaging your camera with this project are slim, please be cautious. The following project worked for me but you are responsible for your actions and I make no guarantees of success or that you won`t hurt yourself or damage equipment as a result of the content of this page. It only works up to about 10ft/3m - this can probably be increased by getting a more powerful battery and/or using a smaller resistor (more power to the IR LED). It also does not work reliably at less than an inch which makes it tricky to trigger shots where you (and the device) are not in the photo. In other words, it is hard to reach over the camera and trigger the shutter if you are doing a long exposure. I have not investigated the possible causes for this - perhaps the IR LED I`m using has a narrow beam which does not reliably point at the IR detector on the camera The following diagram shows the circuit for the...

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