one tube regen radio circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A regenerative radio works by feeding back a small amount of amplified output of the detector back into the input. Thus it achieves sensitivity far beyond what only a detector could alone. This simple regen radio uses a single tube as it`s detector and amplifier; the `Audion`. It`s a great first project for those wishing to bring back some nostalg

one tube regen radio circuit
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ia by building one of the first amplified radio sets. Built on a board using point to point wiring and a set of period headphones, it can be a great functional conversation piece. L1 - L3 are constructed on the same coil form. A toilet paper tube will be the coil form. Secure the 26 AWG wire to the form by punching two holes close together and winding the wire once around the "bridge" between them. Alternately, just a drop of hot glue can be used. Leave about 6" of wire. Wind on twenty turns close together but never overlapping. Make a tap by securing the wire with a drop of glue and twisting a loop. This is L3. Wind 80 more turns in the same direction and then secure the end, leaving about 6" of wire at the end. This is L2. Now secure the 26 AWG wire 1/8" from the end of L2 and wind 30 turns in the same direction as the other coils, making sure that this coil is spaced 1/8" evenly from L2. Secure the end and leave about 6" lead. This is coil L1. Now trim the extra length of the coil form and spray the coil with several coats of lacquer to hold the wires in place. R1 and S1 can be one unit if you purchase a pot with a built in switch. This will avoid turning the set on with full regen and causing a nasty squeal from the headphones. An antenna of only a few feet can be used for ANT1 for easy indoor installation. Far better is an antenna of 50 feet or more outside, which would be connected to ANT2. To use the set, place C2 at...

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